Janet Zuccarini

As the sole owner and visionary behind Gusto 54, Janet stands out as a woman and entrepreneur in the restaurant industry. She is the driving force and soul behind Gusto 54. In 1996 she opened Trattoria Nervosa in Toronto's Yorkville area. In 2012, Gusto 101 launched in King West; 2014 brought Pai Northern Thai Kitchen. In 2015, Gusto 54's Catering and Commissary Kitchen are added to the growing roster. Shop Gusto 54 online lifestyle boutique hits the market in 2016 with an anticipated food product line launch to follow in the coming year. 2017 is a year of growth and brings the expansion of the Gusto family with concepts Kiin, Same Same, Chubby's Jamaican Kitchen and Los-Angeles based restaurant Felix, while 2018 marks the launch of Gusto 501 in Toronto's east end.

An adventurous traveler, Janet has a unique pulse on the world of restaurants and food. Today she marries that passion with her entrepreneurial spirit by curating innovative and delicious dining experiences. Holding an MBA from Boston University in Rome where she lived for 8 years, Janet also happens to be the first woman in Canada to become an AVPN certified Pizzaiola, and is featured as a Resident Judge in Top Chef Canada's 2017 All-Star season. Her vision is to expand Gusto 54 customer experiences in unexpected and memorable ways on a global scale.